Functions and features


Confidential and functional platform for professionals and beginners

Website, eshop, mobile website

You have the possibility of developing one project, but getting three in one. 

See it yourself  (one of the starting information architectures - demo)

Security and confidentiality

We ensure complete confidentiality and security for both you and your clients.


Calibrated for uniqueness

Adaptation of content management system design to the style of your company – white-label

If you are company that has its own style and you want that your website and content management system would be recognised as yours –– this is exactly what we are going to give you. We will customise the content management system and other aspects so that there will be no other questions to ask.

All projects are accessible through your domains. No other signatures in codes

Practically unlimited website design capabilities

Lots of settings. CSS, JS, HTML if needed. Website development tools are designed to support the development of the majority of types of Internet websites. The rest is in your hands.

Online processing tools for loaded graphic materials   SOON 

For your convenience, the system has integrated graphics processing tools, so that no other software would be required when developing websites. One system –– all tools.


  * Project list screenshot

Scale and maintain your business!

Possibility of developing from one-page Internet “business cards” to complex catalogues

The system allows, depending from the needs, developing from simple, information or advertising website to trading catalogues with shopping carts.

Unlimited number of projects and websites in projects

Websites may have as many menu items as your design allows.

Consultations and samples of documents

Highly experienced specialist will assist and provide samples of documents (contracts and information architecture documents), consult on design and project development issues.



  * Project editing layout

Project development interface.
Drag and drop

Website with the content management system can be done in 15 minutes (excluding content placement)

Design development time is shorter if you already have the design. After that, you only need to place the relevant content, which is often done by the owners (not manufacturers) of the website — this is what the content management system is designed for.

No programming knowledge required

Development of websites does not require specific programming knowledge — having specified colours, layout and content in the settings and having uploaded client’s logo, you will already have a full-fledged website with a content management system. If you are familiar with programming — for your convenience, additional tools to help make the website even more customised.


  * Eshop product editing

Optimisations and tools


Do you appreciate the value created by a SEO? Here are some of the WT website features:
Automatic Sitemap generation when updating website contents. Friendly URLs. Meta-management of tags and headlines. Possibility of using keywords in URLs. Possibility of replicating navigation in the bottom of the page. The structure was designed according to the w3c recommendations — by separating logical parts. Optimised page rendering speed. Websites are ready to be integrated with social networks.

Project management tools

You can see and manage the project stages and assign tasks to specific members of a team.

Accounting and monitoring tools

You will be able to monitor and see all project-related accounting and editing actions.


  * Avanced settings layout

Everything will be OK! Warranty and technical maintenance

Technical maintenance for the system and its sub-products

Our specialists regularly maintain the system, so you can relax. Both the system and the system-assisted projects are covered by our warranty, which you will provide your clients with.
There is no need for you to worry.


„WebTool“ is for everyone who feels the need to save money and time and develop an unlimited number of website of various complexity. This includes IT companies, advertising agencies and organisations (political, sporting etc.) or companies or persons that starts new website-development business – B2B.

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